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A great RPG/poker combo


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Sword and Poker is a unique mix of genres where poker and RPG come together to provide a brand new experience. So instead of just kitting yourself out with different weapons and armor and fighting lots of fantastical monsters, this time the battles will play out with poker cards.

The gameplay in Sword and Poker is actually very simple: at the center of the screen there's a three-by-three square of poker cards, and in each turn, each player lays two cards on the table to create a hand. With a pair, you'll do just one point of damage, but as you create better combinations, you can do more damage to your opponents.

Like any self-respecting RPG, in Sword and Poker you can acquire new weapons and items to use in battle. With this new equipment, you can do even more harm with your card combinations.

Sword and Poker is an original combination of two very entertaining genres that boasts great graphics. Another remarkable game courtesy of Konami.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher


Demo version limits the number of registries that can be activated.

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